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Reinvent the education system to allow every child, young adult, and all New Yorkers to develop the skills necessary to thrive in a 21st century economy and world.


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  1. Comment
    Darren Bloch

    To put a slightly finer point on this one...can we have coding classes directly integrated into elementary schools & high schools.

    Whether such a program would be a requirement of graduation from HS - or simply something that is broadly available after school program - providing early exposure to basic coding principals will provide great insight into the building blocks of the digital economy; as well as present opportunities that many students might not have even known existed.

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    1. Comment
      Kevin Gallagher

      There are already great tools like this out there - schools just need to adopt them. Example: Code.org

  2. Comment
    Brian Mannix

    I think that this is an excellent long term goal for NYTech Meetup. The educational system is currently in a major overhaul with 45 states agreeing to the Common Core standards. http://www.corestandards.org/ I think what we need to do is contact the Board of Regents who determine state policy requirements http://www.regents.nysed.gov/members/ and set up a meeting with them and those who wish to further embed a technological/programming concept into the Common Core, or at the very least, take some of the existing components of the Common Core and use it to justify the adoption of mandatory Programming Courses implemented into our K-12 educational system. This is where long term change can truly come and an effort, that if achieved, would make great gains in the effort to make NYC and New York in general the leader in developing critical skills that will be necessary for the 21st Century an beyond.

  3. Comment
    Cynthia Tobar

    I applaud proactive efforts that focus on developing public school and college students' need for tech training (via CUNY STEM). But let's not forget those already out of school who are facing a more challenging labor market, with jobs that demand coding/tech/programming skills that many have not been prepared for. We need to present them with more opportunities to acquire those skills so that they can have a chance to be competitive, re-enter the workforce and contribute to the city's growing tech economy.

  4. Comment
    Ashley Williams

    as a former teacher: to achieve this we need free, accessible training for both teachers AND parents. our schools are flooded with tech and tech opportunity and nearly no people who can use it and use it well enough to teach it.

  5. Comment
    Frank Fukuchi

    As a former public school teacher, I am excited by the genuine interest the tech community has for reforming K12 public education. At the same time, I'm deeply ambivalent about folks in the tech community feeling overly ebullient about tech's potential to turn around troubled schools especially since we're not the ones who have to implement the ideas. The challenges our public schools face are large and complex, and those who know the issues the best are teachers who dedicate their careers to teaching kids. Let's speak to the career teachers first, respect their experiences and insights and work from there. See Rey Junco's article:


  6. Comment
    Joel Natividad

    Having participated in the pilot batch of NYCGenTech as a tech mentor, I can personally vouch for the power of ESTEEM - STEM with the extra focus on Enterpreneurship and Environment/Society.

    But instead of limiting it to just to 30+ fortunate students who got into the program, it has to be done on a much larger scale - NYCGenTech for all students!


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