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The Accessible City

The city administration has moved to acquire the .nyc TLD - its like .com and .org but just for New Yorkers. And it has created a .NYC Advisory Board to help fashion an insightful development plan.

We need digital public spaces to help the public engage and run our city. For example, "voters.nyc" with every registered voter getting a "my-city" civic space, e.g., Your.Name.voter.nyc, with candidate info, polling location, issues, discussions...

And it can help occupy our neighborhoods - GreenwichVillage.nyc, RedHook.nyc, JacksonHeights.nyc etc. - making wikis where we review local resources and organize to address opportunities. And since these all-knowing "dotNeighborhoods" will obliterate privacy, lets create "privacy.nyc" to address privacy policy development and enforcement. And so on...

Let's create an intuitive framework for our digital resources and a more accessible city. See http://bit.ly/OurBlog for more.


Submitted by Thomas Lowenahupt 1 year ago

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  1. Thomas Lowenahupt Idea Submitter

    Wow! I was honored yesterday to receive an invitation to serve on the .NYC Advisory Board from Rachel Hoat, the CDO as follows...

    Dear Mr. Lowenhaupt,

    I hope that you’re well.

    I’m writing to invite you to serve on the Community Advisory Board for New York City’s Top-Level Domain, .NYC. The goal of the .NYC Advisory Board is to address community concerns as well as provide input towards the policies and strategic launch of the .nyc Top-Level Domain. In light of your expertise, we feel that you would contribute significantly the success of the .NYC initiative.

    The Advisory Board will consist of members from various sectors including technology, education, business, non-profit and community organizations. The board will meet four times per year and communicate through email to exchange ideas.

    Board member expected commitments include:

    Quarterly Board Meetings

    Provide feedback on the development of .nyc including strategies for using, delegating and marketing the top level domain

    Discuss future uses of the domain including public utilities, smart city ideas and future planning uses such as email addresses for residents

    Act as a community ambassador to provide updates to your constituency or sector, and relay feedback to the group

    Provide input into policy and content for community.nyc

    We would be honored to have you serve on the advisory board and feel that your expertise would contribute greatly to the success of the project. Please let me know if you are interested in participating or would like to discuss further.



    Rachel Haot

    Chief Digital Officer

    Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment

    1 Centre Street, 27th Floor, New York, NY, 10007


    1 year ago
  2. Unify communities online and help disseminate local information by offering ".nyc" domain to local non-profits and communities.

    We should use “.nyc” online domains to bring communities together and create a powerful tool for disseminating and aggregating information around a specific area or City topic. The Internet is increasingly central to our City’s civic, commercial, community, and cultural life. While businesses have “.com” and colleges have “.edu” until now New York City has been denied access to its “.nyc” or “dotNYC” (pronounced dot-N-Y-C). But in 2010 “dotNYC” will become available for use by our city’s residents and organizations. Our City should take care to assure that “dotNYC” is used in the public interest to educate and empower City residents and organizations to better connect with one another and the world. For example, by organizing our City’s education resources around the Schools.nyc domain name, we can make our public, private, trade, and professional schools and our universities more accessible to our residents and to the world. ConnectingNYC.org suggests that we also think of “dotNYC” in terms of our neighborhoods, where we can connect with one another using names such as Astoria.nyc, Bensonhurst.nyc, and Chelsea.nyc, using “dotNYC” to build neighborhood identity, trust, and civic pride as residents more easily locate and network with one another to identify issues and organize for their resolution within their dotNeighborhoods. With the lack of significant number of local newspapers, the Internet can be a powerful tool for disseminating local news and opinions.


    1 year ago