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Protect Privacy & Personally Identifying Information

Protect the privacy of every New Yorker by launching a taskforce on privacy and proposing legislation to protect personal identifying information from disclosure.


As we have grown from a post industrial society to an information economy, “information” itself has become a very valued commodity. On the private side, credit card companies buy and sell your credit reports and magazines share your subscriptions so that others can size you up and market their products to you. On the public side, the government has a long practice of giving information at little to no cost exclusively to special interests and vendors who become the sole source of the information, who hold it as ransom for a windfall when it is licensed. As we seek to free public information from the tight grip of special interests, it is important that the public have an advocate to protect their personal information from exploitation.


The Mayor, Public Advocate or City Council can be your champion for keeping non-private public information free and keeping your personal identifying information protected. We will launch a “Taskforce on Privacy” to work with the public to identify information that will be released in accordance with “Open Data” deciding together what information is too personal or identifying and when information is too important not to share. This way we can work together to create laws to provide certain privacy protections like those found in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) so that all of us are educated about how our personal information will be used. As “Open Data” becomes more widespread, we will work with City agencies to update our government forms to indicate information that will remain private, information that will be shared, and information that will be available only in the form of a statistical total.





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