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Grow NYC Notify / SMS notification options

First, NYC Digital's website should become a one stop for social media / developer / civic data apps (see )

Second, NYC notify should become a 360° notify program that is fully integrated into public space.
+ Bus shelters
+ Payphones
+ Deploy a feed that can be incorporated into elevators, + POS cash registers, and other public information screens.
+ An public API that can be integrated... more »


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Improve NYC Rules Website

NYC Rules -

+ Make NYC rules a one stop shop in how the city’s regulations are changing.

+ All aspects of rules changing should be linked together. (eg videos, testimonies, events, should all be interlinked. Similar to How hosts Committee Meeting summaries)

+ More or less update the site to be functioning for general public.


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Policy Statements - the 21st Century Greenbook & agency accountability

After years of not being printed, the NYC Greenbook was finally digitized. As the 20th Century's gold standard for Government transparency, this tool needs to be updated. < >

For the 21 Century, we imagine a like service that is a dashboard into our city. From Parks to Agencies with customer service tellers, this site will layout all of the Agency's contact... more »


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Improve NYC Maps / Pluto Data

NYCityMap should have a full fledged API < >.

+ All datasets should have a clear GeoTaged locations / Improvements to open data catalog of all available data sets plotted on a base map.
+ MapPLUTO data should be free < >
+ Improve/add additional maps
- 311 integration
- 911 Call integration
- Crime map
- Green infrastructure... more »


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Improved public safety data (NYPD / FDNY)


+ Release all data as machine readable and via an update API

+ Detailed Crash (motor vehicle, bike, and pedestrian) Data

+ 911 location and types of calls

+ Precinct Locations and Chain of Command Structure (where permissible)



+ Fire Hydrant data so we can build adopt-a-hydrant (See Boston)

+ 911 location and types of calls (see seattle)

+ 911 response times (see L.A.)


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